The Fear of TMI

Ever fear you are posting “too much” on Facebook or Twitter? Ever wonder why some people post every minute of their lives, rather than just living those moments? I admit, I spend a lot of time on my computer, but one comes to question, when is it just TMI?

I recently read an article from the Boston Globe (yes, online) regarding a couple’s relationship and how it was affected by Facebook. The female spent most of her time at home while her husband worked. She posted everything about her day and her relationship, including his efforts on purchasing gifts for Christmas. As the article stated, some people have a “water cooler” for their break to chat with coworkers and friends, while some people have facebook as their “water cooler.” It may not be an issue for the female because she does not mind her life exposed to the public, but her husband is quiet and reserved. He would not expect his friends and coworkers to know about his travels, his child having a toothache, or the Bic pen he gave his wife, before he even walks into the office.

So when is TMI an issue? I guess it’s for each individual to decide. Is Facebook an outlet for you? If so, maybe keep it for you, rather than both you and your significant other.

To each their own, and their own TMI.

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