Your Brand’s New Year Resolutions for 2014: Keep it Simple Stupid

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So if you’re anything like me, you may have a lofty list of things to achieve for 2014; perhaps forgetting how much time they’ll actually take. So bring yourself down to Earth for a minute, and think realistically. Instead of having 20 goals, consider 5 to 7 that you can span out within the first 6 months. Then in the second half of the year you can see what worked, what didn’t, and revise, optimize, and achieve more than you originally planned.

Where to start? Consider these tips while crafting your marketing and business goals.

1. Ensure all your goals are measurable – If you can’t measure it through things like engagement, referral traffic, etc – then you won’t know if it worked and/or what went wrong during your test phase.

2. Review your previous goals from 2013 – This is a great place to start, because it allows you to learn from previous successes and mistakes and see where there is room for growth. For example, if you started a video series in 2013, perhaps in 2014 there is room to grow it further with different genres or perhaps utilizing other social media channels to amplify engagement around the video content.

3. See how your departments can work together on resolutions – Since marketing doesn’t operate alone, it’s important to put your heads together and see how each department can help in crafting next year’s goals. For example, the tech team may have some great ideas on how to make your website “work for you” better. Tap their minds and figure out what is achievable. It may surprise you!

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How your Fashion Brand Can Avoid these Four Social Media Pitfalls

Social Media Pitfalls

Social media and fashion – a great match. Social media allows for real time engagement around visually rich content, which fashion brands are known for.

And while some brands are amazing at it, knowing their audience and how to give them the content they want, when they want it, and where they want it … some fall in the cracks of things to avoid when optimizing one’s social media.

Here are 4 social media pitfalls to avoid:

Shiny object syndrome

A new platform, a new shiny object. Just because there’s a new way to do videos or share photos, doesn’t mean it’s right for your brand. Before you jump in without a parachute, go back to your strategy. Does this fit your brand? Is it where your audience plays and engages? Will it help awareness and engagement (if these are your goals)? Consider these questions before blindly running towards the next new platform or channel.

Strategy what?

Unfortunately for some brands, they jump into social media – setting up a Facebook page and Twitter profile and begin to tweet and post without any method to their madness. Don’t be that foolish brand. Take some time and put some ink to paper on what your brand’s overall social strategy is. Then consider which channels to embark on first – and how to roll out your content.

Note - without content (on a consistent basis), there is no social for your brand.

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