Your Smart Phone & Your Productivity: Pros and Cons

Many of us tech obsessed, gadget oriented, app-using, smart phone addicted individuals breathe, eat and sleep with our favorite devices. Can you imagine what that does to our daily productivity? To most of us that means we can:

  • answer emails quicker,
  • respond to phone calls and texts faster,
  • pay with our smart phones rather than needing our wallets,
  • pay our bills
  • track our schedule
  • take notes
  • find where we’re going,
  • listen to our music,
  • track our fitness routines,
  • go shopping on the go
  • and/or ask Siri to just do it for us.

But what about when it causes us to sleep less and in turn be less productive the next day?

This infographic on the affects of gadgets on your sleep demonstrated that there are unfortunate consequences…

Are the side effects of less sleep, less in person socializing, and less alertness worth the balance of being more efficient and being more connected?  Let me know in the comments below how you feel about your smart phone activity. How many devices do you use in a day? Has it made you less or more productive in your daily life?


Note: this post was originally written for Socialnomics.

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