How much time do you spend online?

As I was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to do this evening, I realized I had been twiddling my thumbs on Facebook for a little too long. Then I started to wonder, how long do I REALLY spend online between Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs, on Gchat, etc? I don’t think I want to know the answer. So now, my question is, how much is too much? Do we ever forget to put our computers away and join our “social networks” at school, work, home, a bar, restaurant, party, etc? The key is to find a balance between socializing online and socializing offline.

Ironically I was just pondering whether to put on my sweats or my high heels…choosing between researching about new online platforms and grabbing a beverage at the local dive.

To FourSquare or not to FourSquare?

Foursquare, the “location-based social network” has become quite popular. All the cool kids are doing it, so I better too! I just saw today that even Harvard has joined the game, and is taking part to show prospective and current students where to go on campus. I have been meaning to check it out for a while, but keeping up with what’s awesome in Social Media is crazy enough, sometimes, isn’t it? So, I just downloaded Foursquare to my blackberry, which unfortunately unlike the iPhone is still in Beta version. Hopefully the kinks are being worked out! I’ll share more of my thoughts as I begin to play with my new social media toy.

What are your thoughts on Foursquare? Are you one of the cool kids?

Haiti – Social Media can help!

As many of us have seen from pictures, it was a tragic experience for people in Haiti when the earthquake occurred, along with the horrible aftershocks. Many people have stepped up to aid, whether by donating a dollar at the local grocery store, or by actually going to Haiti to lend a hand in whatever way possible. According to the NPR article ( “Social Media Among Haiti’s First Responders,” Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter has assisted in both small and big ways. It allows for Apps for people to translate words into Creole, for people to help in identifying bodies by pictures, and further ways of donating clothes and money needed. No matter what one may do, I am sure the survivors of Haiti appreciate every little piece of assistance offered in this time of need.

Marketing or lack there of…

During my school’s MBA travel seminar to Brazil, there was a visit to a marketing firm. I was quite excited, as I had done some research to see what types of social media marketing are implemented in Brazil (Orkut, Twitter, etc) in comparison to the U.S. Unfortunately this firm (lets call them Firm No Marketing) did nothing compared to what I was expecting. Their presentation was a marketing 101 course for an undergraduate student (if that) and they avoided questions that were pertinent to Brazil and marketing. I was quite disappointed and did not even bother raising my hand to ask what forms of social media they use, because they do not use any. They¬† do not research, do not use social media, do not market products or services, or anything else for that matter. They form plans for others to implement. Maybe it’s me, but should they be labeled as a marketing firm, if they do none of the above?

Note: I know this does not represent other marketing firms in Brazil and that this was an unfortunate exception to the marketing firms that do exceptional work for the brands and clients they represent.

Social Media and Brazil

I am going on a travel seminar for my MBA program to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero, Brazil from January 9 – 18. We are mainly focusing on the economic state of the companies in these two major cities. However, since I am concentrating on marketing, this prompted me to wonder how social media is thriving in Brazil and what applications are most prevalent. Trusty google pointed me to a a few articles and blogs on the subject ( and specifically).

Social Media is indeed spreading like wildfire, as in the U.S., especially in the major city of Sao Paulo – “Brazil’s New York City”.¬† As for applications that are doing well, Orkut appears to be the leader (3rd most accessed internet domain), but Twitter and others are not far behind. Brazil is not only kicking butt at an economic standpoint, but is showing the World that the country has a lot to offer in other realms, such as marketing, too.

I recommend checking out these articles and other they mention if you are intrigued about Brazil and social media. Farewell, until I return from 80 degree days and the sunny beaches.

Where I will be in a couple days...

I haven't blogged since March 2009

I started my first official blog at and unfortunately have been slacking. I entered the social-media world back in January 2009 and was so overwhelmed by the different applications such as Twitter, Tumblr, etc that can be utilized that my blogging days were left in the dust. So this is my way of saying, I’m going to make a second attempt at this.

Hope you will visit back for my thoughts on social media, marketing, charity work, and the environment.

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